Change is the only constant

Change is the only constant

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All Change

Doei Rotterdam

The kids have made a number of good friends and are finally speaking fluent Dutch. I am getting used to the fiets, cycling to and from places. We love our cozy city apartment and yeyse, after some trial and error, I found the holy grail: a hairdresser who understands my hair. So of course, we are moving. 😉

Basel, our destination is not unfamiliar

I lived there for a couple of years, moving from the bustling city that is Hong Kong to be with Emilio, who was then a long-time resident. Studying Peace in the city allowed me to befriend a number of diverse peaceniks. Big hurrah to being geographically closer to some of them again.

Basel V.2.0 2019

Multiple relocations have led to the realisation that one’s level of enjoyment whilst living in a chosen land really does ultimately depend on one’s attitude aka mine - how I reframe situations and challenges encountered and of course. Also, to make conscious decisions and follow them through. In Basel Take 2, German will have to be my NBF.

Focusing on the process

There are of course many more conscious choices to make. A reminder to self: it is much better to focus on the process rather than worry about the results. Knowing this is different to practicing it. Life is work in progress and I will try to chronicle my attempts to pay attention to the process here on this blog.

Building a community

This blog will also hopefully enable me to build a fun and supportive community, sharing ideas and information on any given topic which would be helpful or fun or both. Please come and join me in this adventure.

Carpe diem!

Let’s Explore…(Series) Places you must visit in Rotterdam

Let’s Explore…(Series) Places you must visit in Rotterdam