Do you like factoids? (Series) Schiphol Airport

Do you like factoids? (Series) Schiphol Airport

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Do you like factoids?

They do serve as good conversation fodder, after you’ve exhausted the topic of weather.

Here are some factoids relating to…

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Or Schiphol Airport as it is popularly known.

One of the better ones: This airport is one I favour, despite the long queues for non-premium members and Non-Europeans passport holders (like me 🤣 unlike Emilio). Why? The facilities, they are…just so… considerate. For eg. multiple hooks for bags and coats in the dry & clean toilets. Tell me - which other airport has that? Also, the employees are typically friendly and up to for some bantering (in multiple languages).

Factoid 1: Rather impressively, the airport not only contains a Rijksmuseum but also an Airport Library for travelers with some time to spare. Both of these are located behind the passport control area at Holland Boulevard between piers E and F.

Factoid 2: Unlike others, the airport has remained at its site since 1916 when it first operated as a military airbase. It is built on polder land, c.4.5m below sea level. The land was formerly a lake (Haarlemmermeer*) and one of the many translations for “Schiphol” is "ship grave" due to the frequency of sinking accidents in the lake.

Factoid 3: The airport area attracts a lot of birds posing safety risks to the aircraft . For this reason, the airport has throughout the day, some 15-18 people or “bird controllers” in charge of encouraging the birds to keep their distance (see the referred fact sheet below).

Note *: No doubt, the European history buffs or Dutch or Spanish amongst us (i.e. not me) would already be familiar with this no-longer-existing-lake regarding “The Battle of Haarlemmermeer” in the 16th century as general knowledge.

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  • On “birds”: a write up on Bird Box and if you are still unaware (really?) the alternative ending

What do say you about polder land, bird controlling and air safety? I think it’s admirable that bird controlling is implemented.

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