Things to do before moving (Part 2)

Things to do before moving (Part 2)

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Things to do before moving

Continuing from before…

Yes, we are moving again and yes I agree with you - moving can be a right pain. It can however be made easier (or even fun) with some pre-planning. Because we are not (yet) minimalists*, here are a few more tips to adopt to make the move a little bit more joyful. 😊

Packing separately ahead of the move

(1) A family “holiday” bag

To get the family through the unpacking stage. Tossing in items like toiletries, magic aka Turkish towels, clothes, a set of bed sheets and blankets, shoes & slippers , phones & ipads and all they entail (chargers, battery packs, extension cords & adapters), toilet paper, important documents (passports, birth certificates etc) and first aid medications including Arnica oil/gel which really does seem to magically heal everyone’s cuts and bruises.

(2) Little individual bags

To be carried by each child, containing his and her favourite small toys, books, colour pencils and notepads. For us, Jaime has said that he more than happy to use his hand-me-down marvel comic backpack. Isabel, however, is insisting that the new blue Frozen backpack she has been asking for is in order. 🤦‍♀️Tralalala.

(3) A packing caddy for moving day

To host things like labels and coloured stickers as mentioned in this Post. Also, an extra set of things that inevitably go missing when things become hectic (packing tape, markers, scissors, screwdrivers, hammer and box cutters). I don’t know why but these things are still needed even when there are professional movers helping.

(4) A box of essentials

To reassure any family member upon arriving at the strange new place that “you are all right”. Some refreshments (snacks, drinks: coffee, tea, milk, wine, beer), their enablers (kettle, can/bottle openers, cutlery and utensils) and cleaning agents (wet wipes, tissues, dish cloths, soap, trash bags, broom and dustpan).

(5) A secret bag of comfort

Shhhhh to be busted out at an opportune time to surprise and delight the family. In my case, I am stealthily setting aside some wine from the Ribera del Duero region like Pago de Carraovejas for Emilio (hmm maybe not a good idea for me to write it here). For Jaime and Isabel: familiar soft blankets, bedtime books and some playing cards like Snap etc. and of course, Jaime’s current obsession Exploding Kittens. For me - comfort comes via scents and so I have recently ordered new stash of my absolute F.A.V.O.U.R.I.T.E home scent from Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. For bedtime: some fancy version of chamomile tea, lavender pillow mist, shea hand cream and the paperback on my nightstand.

Do you have any special advice relating to pre-moving? Please do share! And as also mentioned before even better if you have tips on how to embrace minimalism for once and for all :-)

Note* - I really do admire the habits of minimalists and have tried to shed things many times before only to accumulate things again.

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