What are you reading these days?

What are you reading these days?

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Let’s talk about books

Are you the type of person who reads a few books at once or the type to only focus on completing one book at a time? I am in the former category… unless I’m gripped by a book* which is so thrilling that I transform into a sloth becoming totally unresponsive to my poor husband and children let alone other books. Sharing below, some information about the two of the books currently being read.

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande - about aging and death

I am at Chapter 4 and already this book has made an impact, serving as a stark reminder that everyone of us will D.I.E. (gulp) and if we are lucky to age, should persevere (while we are able) with the habit of moving at every opportunity (taking the stairs instead of lifts at work, our apartment block, everywhere), doing exercises that strengthen our core and muscles (pilates/yoga et. al.) and eating healthily.

There are also useful nuggets of insight for elderlies which I have shared with my parents such as the need to look down while eating to prevent choking (as we get older, the lordosis of our spine tips our head forward) and to actively take steps to minimise the most serious risk: falling and breaking a hip - typically caused by factors like poor balance, mixing medications and muscle weakness.

Once Upon A Time In The East: A Story of Growing Up by Xiaolu Gu - an autobiography touching on hardship and resilience

This memoir is written by a Chinese born author and filmmaker residing in the UK. The excerpt I encountered on the some time ago was so compelling that I immediately pre-ordered a Kindle edition.

I’ve just started reading it and in my world (on my phone, in between appointments), Xialu is still very young and had just (sigh) sadly left her aging grandmother in a remote fishing village (Shitang in the South of China). She is being picked up by a set of parents she is unfamiliar with. The parents had given her to another couple when she was a baby and this other couple were so destitute they came back to surrender the baby to the grandma who was also poor and living with only her husband.

I am looking forward to being inspired by her older self who is so full of determination yet I am also dreading to reach the details of yet more hardship including abuse (double sigh).

You can read the Financial Times’ review of the book here. Also, an article on her from Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP). I’ll also try and post a link to the excerpt that appeared in the Guardian once I locate it.

What are YOU reading these days? Have you enjoyed any particular book? I love knowing about your choice of books. Please do share!

*The last gripping book I read was called “Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World” explaining clearly how some dastardly people (headed by now fugitive Jho Low) siphoned USD4.5b from a sovereign wealth fund in Malaysia.

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